How it Works

It's your party
It's social networking at its finest. Plus, a Tupperware party is yours to create and make your own. Depending on your personal style and the interests of your party Hosts and guests, you can customize your parties to feature the right products, tips and atmosphere. And, when you and your Host prefer to keep it simple, quick and fun, Tupperware offers a menu of simple, themed parties focusing on faster, easier, more reliable ways of preparing meals, getting healthy and entertaining.

Beyond the party
While the party remains the most effective format for demonstrating, maximizing sales and dating future parties, there's more than one way to increase your income. In addition to holding parties, you have the opportunity to increase your income through your own personal Tupperware website, catalog selling and Tupperware fundraisers for non-profit groups and organizations.

Your Hosts enjoy the most
Exclusive products, free products, exclusive savings—these are the reasons life is wonderful for Tupperware Hosts. Your Hosts can even hold parties entirely online and gather orders from friends and family near and far. The higher your sales at their parties, the richer their rewards become.

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